lee-lamar reunion


we want to keep up with you.

it’s been eight years since we did a deep update on everyone’s information which means it’s time. a lot of folks have moved/retired/changed jobs/changed emails so we’re doing a 2019 update. if you’ve updated recently we’ve got it noted. if not .. . just click this 2018 update link to fill out the form.


                                                        OTHER NEWS

* sadly, we’ve lost a few more classmates, including bart richardson,  ronnie and mickey lafitte bowles, steve tacconelly, richard cooksey, nina nelms and jon taylor. we’ve posted their obituaries.

* we didn’t have a 45th, but  Lamar’s Tim Tunks organized a get together for an Astros game and we had a small, but fun crowd. For photos click here.

* Lee HS came tumbling down and has been replaced by a new buidling with a new name - Margaret Long Wisdom HS, named for long-time Lee teacher Tiny Wisdom, who spent 38 years teaching in HISD and mentoring teachers. More here

  1. *Lamar HS has a new 4-story building under construction. More here

  1. *no matter what . . .  we’ll still be the lee generals and lamar redskins!!!

* the photos below are from when big group gathered for a late July 2014 party for betsy junell wood keen pulled together by jeanie janke, gretchen anderson, linda mckim and lisa hood. think life-long friends -- some back to elementary school! that’s one thing that makes our lee-lamar gang so special. here’s a group shot from the end of the night and a couple others.

* for those who missed our 40th, we celebrated at the cadillac bar and

the photo albums are here!!!! photos from both friday night at dan electros and the saturday night party, which drew more than 300 people. we’ve got a collection of pat dunn/john russell/melanie’s camera photos up from friday and saturday nights.

and, to those who couldn’t make it -- we missed you!!! we’ve got a wrap-up on the 40th page.

we have tossed around the idea of having smaller get togethers every so often, so make sure you’re on our lists.

please pass the site link along to all of our classmates. we also have a facebook page




keep the updated information coming!!!

updated 7.31.2019


                                        On to the 50th, so. . .