it’s a wrap!


we had a blast. seriously casual, lots of smiles, lots of stories and . . . . we thought the perfect setting to kick back and just enjoy.

to those who couldn’t make it . .  we missed you!!

we’ve posted a bunch of photos on the reunion photos page and if you have some to contribute, please pass them along. the more photos, the better!!! we’d love to have a picture of everyone who was there!

speaking of which.... a lot of people have asked who did come. here’s the hope-we-didn’t-miss-too-many list.

we’re keeping the site up and running, so, even if we missed you this time around, let us know where you are. just click here to update your information.

questions? email us.

we loved pulling the 40th together!

your organizing committee:

brad bracewell
sandy crowder eckles
blake ford
melanie hauser
amy bertelsen hill
jeanie vaughn janke
bob jewell
kathy kennedy
carol akers klug
donna maddox
larry maddox
jim moore
carol lewis senkel
brad tucker
edith wittig van wageningen
karen winston


updated 7.3.11